Renting Space at The WorcShop

Information about the types of spaces you can rent, their uses, and how much you would pay in September 2021. Pricing is subject to change. Visit our Wiki for the most up-to-date information on pricing!

Currently, our new location at 11 Hankey St, Rochdale/Leicester, MA, is NOT open to the public.

Space Rental Information

When we opened our doors back in 2016 it was with the mission to create a space where people could create whatever type of art they felt compelled to create in their soul. With over $1 million in tools and equipment that members can be trained to use, spaces to rent, a robust class roster, and a community of other makers, we offer a great place to start a business or embrace a new hobby!

ALL Sublessors MUST be at least a full-time member to rent anything besides a locker. ALL MEMBERS can rent a locker while they are available.


  Incubation Spaces: for the member who needs space to start or run their business
       * 2,000 sq/ft with access to a loading dock - $3,000/month + Membership
       * 2,000 sq/ft with drive-in access - $3,400/month + Membership
       * 1,000 sq/ft with drive-in access - $1,750/month + Membership 
       * 500 Sq/ft - $875/month + Membership 
  WorcSuites: for the member who needs private office space
       * 400 sq/ft - $880/month + Membership 
       * 200 sq/ft - $450/month + Membership 
  WorcSpaces: for the member who needs enclosed space to work on projects in
       * 200 sq/ft - $390/month + Membership 
       * 100 sq/ft - $200/month + Membership 
       * 200 sq/ft WorcSpace Plus - $375/month + Membership (100 sq/ft w connected 100 sq/ft WorcBay)
  WorcBays: for the member who needs space to work & store things in 
       * 400 sq/ft - $705/month + Membership 
       * 200 sq/ft - $355/month + Membership 
       * 100 sq/ft - $108/month + Membership 
       * 50 sq/ft - $95/month + Membership 
  Storage Space: for the member who needs space to store their things 
       * 32 sq/ft (full pallet) - $40/month + Membership
       * 16 sq/ft (half pallet) - $25/month + Membership
       * Locker - $20/month + Membership

Each member may bring a guest (1) to help with projects if needed. Each guest must stay with the member who brought them. Guests are not allowed to use WorcShop power tools and equipment unless they have already been approved by one of the staff. If you require more than an extra set of hands to help with your project you must run it by one of the staff members at least a reasonable amount of time beforehand.

Each member has access to a vast majority of the tools (MIG welder, TIG welder, Metal cutting band-saws, Full Blacksmithing area, 20’x10′ paint booth, etc.) Some of the more specialized equipment will require members to take a class prior to being allowed to use (Fidal 3 axis CNC, 3D Printers, etc). However, it is entirely OK and also encouraged, to barter with others who are already trained and are signed off to use these tools if only needed for a one-time specialized part or prototype. Certain specialized tools may have hourly rates to use as well. (This applies only to very expensive machines that require maintenance.)

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If you have any questions, please email us a

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