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Currently, our new location at 11 Hankey St, Rochdale/Leicester, MA, is NOT open to the public.

True Life Photography of MA

Jess is the owner and head photographer at True Life Photography of MA (Massachusetts). One of her favorite things to do has always been to go through old albums with her family. Some of her happiest memories are just sitting around with her Grandma and Mini Human and laughing about old memories.

She started True Life Photography of MA so she could capture those moments that she cherishes for her clients, too. Before you have your session, you’ll get together to talk about what those cherished moments are for you, and make a plan to capture just that. She’ll show you all our print and product options and help you preserve your memories for the next generation.

When you choose True Life Photography of MA, you’re choosing to have those moments captured and preserved for your family, too. Jess has a lot of experience photographing families, children, pets, adults, & the ongoing projects & products at The WorcShop.

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