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PLEASE NOTE: All in-person classes at The WorcShop are currently suspended while we get our new shop set up. We ARE offering affiliate and VIRTUAL classes.

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Once we're officially open in Rochdale/Leicester: WORCSHOP ORIENTATION (START HERE!)

Class Length - 1 Hr

Members are requested to take full shop orientation before starting to use the shop alone. Orientation covers turning on lights, learning where all the fire escapes/bathrooms/first aid kits are, what our expectations for each member are, how to reach us, who each shop steward is, etc.

Orientation will cover:

- General Code of Conduct - what kind of behavior we expect from our members, what happens if you break rules, what behavior you can expect from staff, stewards, & instructors

- Where to find things - MSDS sheets, light switches, common use tools & consumables, bathrooms, emergency exits, & 1st aid kits

- Who are - staff, stewards, & instructors

- What to do if you have questions, comments, concerns, &/or suggestions

- There will be time at the end for questions

Minimum Enrollment: 1 / Maximum Enrollment: 10

Class Cost: WorcShop Member $15 / Non-Member $30

Ticket Sales End: 4 days prior to start date at 11:30P

If you'd like to be notified when this class is back, you can fill out THIS FORM

If you want to take more than one class, consider getting a Membership and save on all of your classes!

If you have any questions, please email us a TheWorcShop@gmail.com

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Updated 10.20.21 JW