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Currently, our new location at 11 Hankey St, Rochdale/Leicester, MA, is NOT open to the public.

Staff & Steward Directory

Staff, Stewards, & Instructors are subject to change. This list was formed from our set up space at 243 Stafford St, our set up at 11 Hankey St will have a change of personnel as we open. This page will be updated to reflect that as shops open. Each item will eventually have its own page with links to reserve the training, reserve the tool itself, and who to see about any issues you may have. Our Shop Directory also has information specific to each shop, and our Equipment Directory also has information specific to our available tools and equipment if you need more information.

WorcShop Staff

Randal Meraki - Executive Director

Angela Meraki - Creative Director

Jessica White - Educational Director

Sou MacMillan - Administrative Assistant

Edward Lyle - Maintanance Crew

Art Paquette - Facilities Specalist

WorcShop Stewards

Jonathan Maynard - Blacksmith Shop Steward & Instructor

Jay Scott - Electronics Shop Steward & Instructor, & Blacksmithing Instructor, & Co-Founder

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