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Sou MacMillan - Administrative Assistant

Souci MacMillan has her fingers in a lot of pies: A veteran of the Columbus, OH music scene, she was the voice behind Caroline/Double Deuce band Pet Ufo. She is the author of Chrysanthemum, a punk rock coming of age story, and Shallow Empire, a collection of poetry. Sou has been published in periodicals and anthologies such as Syracuse University’s Salt Hill Journal, and Subatomic Books’ One Step Beyond. The small press sorceress behind Doublebunny Press, she was the founder and producer of the international Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival from 2014-2018. She also runs Apple Batiks, a purveyor of fine fiber arts and handmade paper goods. Sou lives outside of Worcester with her husband and son, where she collages, knits, gardens, and endeavors to write science fiction stories. Find her online at or on Etsy at thisrabbit.

'A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for.' - Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

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