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Randal Meraki - Owner, Co-Founder, Executive Director, & Previous Instructor

Randal operated and supervised the operation of nuclear reactors for the US Navy for 9 years. From 2002 to 2005, Randal gained extensive experience leading a 15- person division to accomplish national security level goals on strict deadlines as the Leading Petty Officer of the electrical division on the USS Honolulu (SSN 718). He started a for-profit business called Eternity Sculptures in January 2012 in an old mill building co-located with his partner’s blacksmith and his friend’s woodshop. For 4 years, Randal worked in collaboration with various artists and craftsmen, musicians and engineers, to discover the needs and wants of a successful collaborative workspace. During this time, Randal also partnered with Josh Swalec of Ferromorphics.com to form Eternity Ironworks, which has now become a successful custom metal fabrication company with customers such as the City of Worcester, Foster Corporation, MIT, and many others. Through his extensive business and social network, Randal was able to find and recruit his late partner, Steve Cornie, who had brought a deeply technical, engineering, and small business skill set, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools and equipment. Randal also counts among his friends, Gui Cavalcanti, one of the founders of Artisan’s Asylum of Somerville and Megabots, and David Kent, the founder of the Framingham Makerspace, which gave him insights into the intricacies of operating a successful large-scale makerspace. He has adroidly navigated the Covid19 pandemic and successfully positioned the WorcShop to be an industry leader.

Find him here:

Email: eternityiromworks@gmail.com

Facebook: Facebook/eternityironworks

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