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Jonathan Maynard - Blacksmithing Shop Steward & Blacksmithing Instructor

Jon was one of our early members who made good use of our forge and blacksmith area. He took over as Blacksmith Shop Steward when Josh Swalec left to pursue a personal space that offered more room than we could at our old location. Jon has revamped our blacksmithing class roster and regularly trains new members on the Blacksmith shop

Age- 34

Blood Type- N/A

Level 10 Artificer/4 Swamp Mage


Blacksmithing 100: Welcome to the Forge

Blacksmithing 101: Hooked on Blacksmithing

Bladesmithing 101: Intro to Bladesmithing

Bladesmithing 102.2: Spear-it Of The Smith

Bladesmithing 103: Bigger Badder Blades (Advanced)

Find him here:

Website: Forge The Sampo on Etsy

Instagram: Instagram/SteelSorceror

Facebook: Facebook/Forgethesampo

Life Motto: When fire and steel collide, everyone wins.

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Updated 05.20.22 JW