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Jessica White - Co-Founder & Educational Director & Instructor

Jess has been a professional photographer for more than 10 years and started True Life Photography of MA in 2013. Volunteering to help set up the WorcShop from its very beginning, she has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset. Demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, she manages a varied volunteer force assigned to upgrade the physical presentation and assist in member relations, marketing, web management, and overseeing the programs that the WorcShop offers to the community.

Jessica also serves as the Head Photographer, and is responsible for most photographic content and preparing promotional materials.


Bullet Journal 101

Find her here:




Instagram: Instagram/TrueLifePicsMA

Facebook: Facebook/TrueLifePicsMA

Twitter: Twitter/TrueLifePicsMA

Life Motto: "Everyone is living a life just as crazy & messy as your own. Act accordingly. Be Kind."

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