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Meet our Co-Founder, Steve

Steve Cornie was not only an amazing human, he was also one of our Co-Founders, and a dear friend. We loved him so much, but his body was no match for cancer.

March 2019 – Our Last Yearly Anniversary Party with Steve.

A leading expert in advanced composites research, development, and commercialization, who contributed to well over a dozen patents in the metallurgical, composites, and process fields. Over a number of decades, Steve intentionally accumulated a vast assortment of equipment and components ranging from electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic components, to advanced fabrication and testing equipment to be used to create an innovative shop. As a former member of Somerville, Massachusetts’ Artisan’s Asylum, Steve had the opportunity to take on the large makerspace experience first hand, leveraging it first from the client-side, as he gleaned operational insights and gained first-hand knowledge and wisdom from their management team.

As a compadre, an innovator, a Maker, and as a beloved friend: Steve Cornie, you will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

On October 14, 2021, his memorial slideshow will be available on our YouTube channel.

“Everybody Love on Steve”

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